By NINON - mercredi, août 19, 2020

What I love the most is being outside, I am not very good at staying indoors too long. 
Nature has so much to offer, it has always been for me one of the reasons that make this life so good and precious.
Yuval Zommer recently quoted Marcus Tullius Cicero on his Instagram : "If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need". Well, I couldn't agree more. 
If to my big dismay, I don't have a garden anymore I still have a huge library ! And thanks to this last Big Book I can still walk among beautiful flowers everyday.
What does a Venus flytrap eat ?
How strong is a giant water lily ?
Does a cactus flower ?
You'll find all the answers to these questions in The Big Book of Blooms, published by Thames and Hudson. This new Big Book is a gorgeous introduction to all kinds of beautiful, colourful and strange flowers from around the world. 
Not only the illustrations are beautiful, and they bring light and joy to my grey Wednesday, but the content is very interesting, you may learn how to become a botanist, to recognise from which families a flower comes, what flowers are for, what do pollinators do, why are they colourful or useful, how do they defend themselves, etc. . 
If you love Nature as much as I do, if flowers make you smile, I invite you to take a stroll in the various habitats represented in this book and to take the time to admire, learn and observe this big world of bloom.
The big book series is also published in French by Glénat Jeunesse
Scroll for an inside peak here !
ISBN: 978-0500651995

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