By NINON - samedi, août 08, 2020

Snows of the Mont Blanc are melting, today is too hot of a day.
We may all feel scared, helpless or anxious when it comes to the changes our world is going through right now, but Scientists believe we can avoid the worst in changing ours ways to eat (stop food waste, eat less meat), to travel (choose walking or cycling, etc.), to buy, but also in saving water, energy ...,  a lot of small actions, easy to take, that will make big changes.
Today may be the perfect day to present you with this inspiring book, written by Loll Kirby, beautifully illustrated by Adelina Lirius and published by Magic Cat Publishing.
I believe there are no reason good enough not to participate in our environment protection, the one we all live in, the one our children will live in and our grandchildren after us.
As the 19 yo Environmental Activist Anna Taylor said : "you don't need to wait until tomorrow, you are strong, important and smart, you can start today."
And if you don't know how to start, just follow the way, in this our children can inspire us. No need to make a fuss about it, we just need to overcome our fears by doing all we can. 
In this marvellous book you'll meet 12 real-life children, all embracing their right to fight for their future and taking action. They come from all over the world ( Germany, Indian Ukraine, France, USA, China ..) and they all share courage, wisdom and great ideas. Felix from Germany, helped planting over a million trees in nearly one hundred different countries, Himangi from India, started a campaign to encourage people to cycle, Vincent from France, brought his village together, when he created an organic community in his village ... this is the important word we have to remember : TOGETHER, we don't have to be alone in this, we all share the same humanity, despite our differences and it is grand time we forget about our egoistical ways. Taking action doesn't have to be complicated, this book will show you that all kind of things can be started, every little action is meaningful and will give birth to something bigger. I invite you to discover this gorgeous book that shows you, we can all make a difference, we are all old enough to save the planet ! ISBN: 978-1916180529

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